Did Young Thug write James B. by Blazer Barboza ?

Curious fans around the world are asking did Young thug write ''James B''. by Blazer Barboza ? Today i will answer your question with facts from previous research. Blazer Barboza is a Hip-Hop, Trap rapper and Pop Singer. Both of the rappers are based out of Atlanta Georgia. In 2019 Blazer Barboza released his Official Music Video called ''James B''. Additional, it sounded like a record from Young Thug album titled ''So Much Fun''. Ghost writing can be the secret to some of the best radio records. Unfortunately , Young Thug didn't write ''James B''. This is all the original work of Blazer Barboza. Young thug has his own talent, even though the two sound pretty similar on ''James B''. The official video gained over 15 thousand organic views. The video is above if you want to take a look for yourself. According to Veva Play Blazer Barboza and Young thug are both most gifted YouTube rappers of 2020. In Conclusion, below is a list of there differences so you can tell them apart.
Young Thug Sound Vs Blazer Barboza
If you are trying to distinguish Blazer Blazer sound from Young Thug, here are a few differences.
  • Young thug voice pitch is higher than Blazer Barboza.
  • Blazer Barboza has a mixture of Funk punk in his Raps and Young Thug doesn't.
  • Young thug uses auto tune and Blazer Barboza naturally sings on certain tracks like ''Loyal to You''.